Victim's Advocacy
BCSO  Victim's Advocate Officers and Links
VA Supervisor: SSgt John Ferguson: (843) 255-3410
Northern Beaufort County: 

Sgt David Wilkinson: (843) 255-3420

Cpl. Taryn Swalm: (843) 255-3215

Southern Beaufort County: 

Sgt John Adams: (843) 255-3415

Cpl Kate Costabile: (843-255-3308


State Office of Victim Assistance (SOVA)

South Carolina Victim Assistance Network (SCVAN)

American Bar Association Center on Children and the Law

American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children

Who is eligible for services? 
  • A victim: a person who suffers direct of threatened physical, psychological, or financial harm as a result of a criminal act.

  • Includes: the person's spouse, parent, child, or a representative of a victim who is deceased; a minor; incapable; or physically or psychologically disabled.

  • Does not include: someone who is under investigation, charged with a crime, or convicted of a crime.

  • A witness: a person who has been or expected to be summoned to testify. 

What are the responsibilities of a Victim? 

  • Provide your legal name, current mailing address, and current telephone number to the appropriate agency.

  • Inform the Solicitor's Office of the Court of the right to be present for any plea, trial, or sentencing.

  • Inform the Solicitor's Office or the Court of the right to make a written of oral statement in a timely manner. 

What are you rights as a victim of a crime?​

  • Right to be treated with dignity and compassion.

  • Right to be protected from intimidation and harm.

  • Right to be informed concerning the criminal justice process.

  • Right to restitution and compensation.

  • Right to preservation of property and employment.

  • Right to due process in criminal court proceedings.

  • Right to special recognition and attention to the very young, elderly, who are handicapped or who have special needs. By all criminal justice, medical, and social service agencies.

  • Right to be notified of an offender's arrest of detention.

  • Right to be informed when an offender is released, escapes, or transferred.

  • Right to attend a bond hearing and make recommendations.

  • Right to attend court proceedings.

  • Right to be informed of court room procedures.

  • Right to have personal property taken recovered of returned expeditiously.

  • Right to be informed of the status and progress of the case. 

What should a victim do in order to receive restitution? 

A victim must provide to the Solicitor's Office of the Court a list of the property that was stolen, damaged, destroyed, or recovered; medical expenses; income lost as a result of the crime: financial recovery from insurance of compensation. This may be included in a written impact statement.

What if I'm harassed or threatened? 

Immediately contact the appropriate Law Enforcement Agency.

What is an Order of Protection? ​​

  • An order of protection is issued to protect the victim of (Criminal Domestic Violence) from the abuse of another household member.

  • Criminal Domestic Violence: (as defined by SC Statue §16-25-20) It is unlawful to: (1) Cause physical harm of injury to a person's own household member, (2) offer or attempt to cause physical harm or injury to a person's own household member with apparent present ability under circumstances reasonably creating fear of imminent peril.

  • Household Member: (as defined by SC Statue §16-25-10 ) means spouses, former spouses, parents and children, persons related by consanguinity or affinity within the second degree, persons who have a child in common, and a male and female who are cohabiting or formerly have cohabited. 

Where can I get a copy of the police report? 

A copy of the police report can be obtained free of charge to the victim (named in the report) at the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office Records Division.

Who is eligible for compensation? 

Victims of a crime who meet the requirements are eligible of compensation from the State Office of Victim Assistance