Sheriff's of Beaufort County

The first sheriffs were appointed by the legislature to two year terms. As part of the state constitutional amendments of 1810 the Office was established as an elected office. They did not begin serving four year terms until the late 1800’s. There was no sheriff between 1862 and 1866 due to the war. Part of Beaufort District was under Federal military jurisdiction and the remainder was under Confederate military jurisdiction. Any information on these men would be greatly appreciated.

Lincoln County was a break-away district of western Beaufort District. This was requested by the residents due to the extreme difficulties in traveling to the county seat in Beaufort to conduct business. When the county seat was moved to the mainland at Coosawhatchie in 1789, there was no longer a need for Lincoln County and it was dissolved.

The sheriffs are numbered by term until they began serving repeat four year terms in the late 1800’s. A total of forty-three men have held the office (including the two Lincoln County sheriffs). Seven are known to have died while holding the office, all from natural causes.  

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