Sex Offender Registry

According to state statute (Statute 23-3-400), the sheriff of each county is responsible for registering all sex offenders convicted of offenses that warrant registration and for maintaining a file on each offender to include a fingerprint card, current rap sheet, registration form, and photograph of the offender. When a convicted sex offender fails to register with Beaufort County Sheriff's Office, the appropriate action is taken to affect the registration (Statute 23-3-450).

The sex offender management application program currently used by South Carolina was developed by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) and is  called SORT.

The Sex Offender Registry (SORT) program is accessible to the public. 

Please keep in mind features and functionality to its website are being added and edited daily, so please use the contact information provided below in order to contact any BCSO Registering Officials. 

BCSO Registering Agency Officials: 

          SSgt. John Ferguson           843-255-3410

          Sgt. David Wilkinson         843-255-3420

To EMAIL BCSO Officials: