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Beaufort County is not unfamiliar with disasters and has witnessed a variety of hazards, ranging from hurricanes and tornadoes to earthquakes and winter storms. Even flooding can be a concern for the Lowcountry.

The primary purpose of Beaufort County Emergency Management is to protect life and property in any type of event, whether it is a man-made or a natural disaster, through a program of mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery. By assessing and mitigating hazards, enhancing preparedness, ensuring effective response and building the capacity to recover, Emergency Management ensure the county's ability to rapidly recover from large and small disasters, through sustained effective partnerships with Federal, state and local government agencies, including our surrounding military partners and with the private sector.


The Beaufort County SC Emergency Management mobile app provides a brief overview of emergency preparedness. Information in this app derives from trusted informational sources, including the Federal Emergency Management Agency and National Weather Service. 


Services on the Beaufort County SC Emergency Management mobile app include individual and family planning for disasters, "Need to Know" informational brochures, live traffic cameras around Beaufort County and maps for evacuation routes and shelters.


The Beaufort County SC Emergency Management mobile app is available for free on both Android and Apple devices. 

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