Emergency Services Dispatcher

The Beaufort County Sheriff's Office is currently hiring to fill openings as an Emergency Services Dispatcher.

To learn more about this position read through the job description which states an overview of the position and the job qualifications. 


A complete application package must include the following documents: 


County Application

Personal Inquiry Waiver  (This form must be complete, printed and signed by a notary.) 

Background Packet B  (This form must be complete, printed and signed by a notary.)


Dispatcher applicants must take a monitored typing test which can only be administered by a state employment agency located at 164 Castle Rock Rd, Beaufort, SC 29906. Phone 843-524-3351


When submitting your application, be prepared to provide copies of the following Required Documents for the successful processing of your application: ​

   1)  U. S. Citizen OR Resident Alien

   2)  Copy of your Birth Certificate.

   3)  Copy of your High School or GED and College Diplomas. 

   4)  Copy of your Driver's License.

   5)  Copy of your Social Security Card. 

   6)  Copy of court issued legal documentation supporting any legal name change (i. e., marriage                        certificate, divorce decree, etc.).

   7)  If prior military, a copy of your DD214 with your separation code and the type of discharge you                     received. 

   8)  A certified driving record from the Department of Motor Vehicles from all states licensed over the               past six years. 

   9)  If former law enforcement officer, provide all training certificates.

Hiring Board Questionnaire: Online form must be completed upon submission of other required documents. Click the Submit button at the bottom of the form for it to be sent directly to the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office. 

Use the following addresses when submitting your application for employment along with accompanying documents: 



Any additional inquiries regarding employment, the hiring or application process may be sent via email to: BCSORecruiting@bcgov.net or call Lt. Martin Thomas at 843-255-3434. 


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