Lieutenant Jason Covington

Lieutenant Jason Covington moved to Beaufort County in 1995 after graduating from Georgia Southern University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Justice Studies. Covington joined the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office in September of 1995. He graduated the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy in November of 1995 and was assigned to Uniform Patrol in Southern Beaufort County.

It was then in 1997, Covington passed qualifications to join the SWAT Team and several months later became a patrol dog handler for the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office. During his tenure as a K9 Handler/Tactical Officer, Covington was assigned to Special Operations. Covington was trained in Tactical Entry at Heckler and Koch International Training Division, Counter Drug Mobile Training at the United States Army Military Police School, Tactical Water borne Operations, Domestic Drug Highway Interdiction by the Florida National Guard/DEA, Vehicle Concealment Compartments at the Institute of Police Technology and Management, Man Tracking Skills at the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division and Master Handler Level at American Society of Canine Trainers. In January 1998, Covington was wounded by gunfire while tracking an armed robbery suspect with his K9 Arno. For his actions, Covington received the Medal of Honor from the State of South Carolina and numerous other awards from local fraternal chapters.

In 2001, Covington left Special Operations and took a position as a Criminal Investigator. While in Investigations, Covington honed his skills regarding interviews, interrogations and the forensic science of latent fingerprints. Covington was trained in fingerprint identification and was labeled an expert witness in court. Some of the training he received as an Investigator was Basic Investigations, Use of Criminal Informants, Behavioral Aspects of Death Investigations, Reid Technique of Interviews and Interrogations, Criminal Gang Investigations, Statement Analysis and Forensic Interviewing of Children. During his time as an Investigator, Covington was promoted to Assistant Supervisor with the rank of Sergeant.

In 2004, Covington was promoted to the rank of Staff Sergeant and assigned as a supervisor of a road patrol shift. In 2005, he was again promoted to the rank of Master Sergeant and assigned as the administrative supervisor of Southern Enforcement Uniform Patrol. Covington continued his training in leadership and supervision by attending the Carolina Command College hosted by the FBI.

In 2014, Covington was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant over the Southern Enforcement Uniform Patrol. Lieutenant Covington recently attended the South Carolina Law Enforcement Commanders School. Lieutenant Covington continues to serve the community of Beaufort County in his current position.

Lt. Jason Covington


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