Cold Case Files

During some Criminal Investigations, investigators might exhaust all credible leads in a case. When this happens, the case can become stagnant or what is typically known as “Cold”.

We are making the public aware of  Beaufort County Cold Cases with the hope of generating new information to move the investigations forward. 

No matter how insignificant it may seem, any information offered in reference to a Cold Case could prove to be the missing link needed to solve the case.



A Reward of Up to $5000 is offered for information leading to an arrest in any Beaufort County Cold Case.

If you have any information regarding these Unsolved Cold Cases, you may contact Major Bob Bromage at (843) 255- 3402, (843) 816-8013 or or Crimestoppers at (843) 554-1111.

Missing Person(s) Cold Cases: 


On 12-01-2013, Margarita Gonzalez-Almazan (47-years-old) was reported missing from her Bluffton residence by family members following a dispute she had with her boyfriend, 40-year-old Osman Galicia-Escobedo. Signs of a struggle were observed in the residence and her mobile telephone was found on the side of the road off of Highway 170 in the vicinity of the Lemon Island Bridge. In addition, Escobedo and Almazan’s vehicles were also missing. Quickly, it was becoming apparent Almazan met with some sort of foul play at the hands of her boyfriend. His last known whereabouts was on the South Side of Savannah, where witnesses confirmed they saw him several hours after Almazan’s disappeared. The same witnesses observed what appeared to be fingernail scratches on the side of Escobedo’s face. Witnesses advised Escobedo was trying to flee the country, as he purchased a ticket at the Savannah Airport to Guatemala. Oddly, Escobedo never showed up for the flight. Several days later, Almazan’s vehicle was located abandoned outside of the Keller Flea Market in Savannah. The location of her vehicle was within a few miles of where witnesses last saw Escobedo. It was processed for forensic evidence, but did not reveal any clues to the whereabouts of Almazan or Escobedo. Federal authorities were contacted to attempt to locate Escobedo in Guatemala. This attempt met with no success.


On 03-04-2008, David White, brother of Elizabeth Calvert, reported that she and John Calvert had not been heard from since March 3rd. It was learned, the Calvert’s were scheduled to have a meeting with their accountant (Dennis Gerwing) the previous day in Sea Pines Center on Hilton Head Island. Witnesses revealed Elizabeth Calvert suspected Gerwing had been embezzling money from the couple’s business interests and she and John Calvert were going to confront him. Gerwing was interviewed and confirmed the Calvert’s had met with him on March 3rd at approximately 5:30 pm. He further advised when the meeting was over the Calvert’s left to go to dinner. Gerwing reported no hostility during the meeting. A closer look at Gerwing’s story revealed major inconsistencies and substantiated suspicion of his involvement in the disappearance of the Calvert’s. On the night the Calvert’s disappeared, Gerwing suffered a laceration to his right hand, bought bandages and latex gloves at CVS and purchased three commercial grade (9’x12’) drop cloths. Dennis Gerwing committed suicide on March 11th and admitted to the embezzlement in a note he left. There was no admission or denial of his involvement in the disappearance of the Calvert’s in his note. There are still no signs of Elizabeth and John Calvert.


On 02-18-1999, Elshawndrae Devon Jones (22-years-old) and Toby Bing (18-years-old) were reported missing, after reportedly leaving the residence of a relative together to meet with unknown subjects in Bluffton. Investigation revealed Jones was involved in Narcotics dealing and may have been engaged in a transaction at the time of their disappearance. The subject who called Jones to meet in Bluffton was identified as Sean Sullivan. It was established there was a crime scene on the front porch of Sullivan’s Hyon Road residence. An area with large amount of dried blood was discovered under the porch and the siding of the mobile home and front porch showed recent cleaning with a bleach type substance. The vehicle driven by Jones and Bing was discovered abandoned in Savannah, although video was not of quality to effectively identify the driver. DNA analysis of the blood discovered beneath Sullivan’s front porch matched Toby Bing. Charges were brought against Sullivan for the murder of Bing, but were dismissed in the interest of federal indictments and prosecution. It is believed and as evidenced by testimony in federal court, Sullivan and his associate, Kenneth Campbell, lured Jones and Bing to Sullivan’s remote Hyon Road residence in Bluffton on February 18th. It is believed Jones and Bing were murdered at the residence and their bodies disposed of. Jones' DNA was not discovered at Sullivan’s residence, but it is believed he met the same fate. Sullivan and Campbell are currently serving heavy sentences in federal prison on narcotics related offenses.


On 11-17-1995, Kaye Hamilton (37-years-old) was reported missing from her residence on Jenkins Road in Yemassee by her grandmother, after last being seen on or about November 3rd. It was disclosed she was associated with subjects involved in the trafficking of narcotics, who believed she may have been tipping off law enforcement of their activities. This belief on the part of the drug traffickers was without merit. Persons of interest were investigated, but no firm link between them and Hamilton’s disappearance has been established. Forensic evidence suggestive of foul play was recovered from her residence. Hamilton was not seen or heard from again. Kaye Hamilton’s DNA is available for comparison and is stored in the National Missing Persons DNA database. AKA: Kaye H. Coley; Kaye Reid; Kaye Reid Hamilton; Kay F. Hamilton; Deanne B. Hamilton; Deanne B. Reid; Deanne Mickens; Kaye B. Hamilton; Kaye S. Hamilton; Michelle Monique Mickens; B. Reid


On 10-23-1991, April Vlk (37-years-old) was reported missing from her Sea Side Villas apartment in Hilton Head by her father, last having been seen on September 17th. It was learned on the date of her disappearance, there was a verbal disagreement during which her boyfriend told her to leave the apartment. It was reported by witnesses at a local church, a female matching Vlk’s description stopped there and asked for cardboard to write a hitchhiking sign. According to witnesses, the female wrote Washington, DC on the cardboard and stated she was leaving Hilton Head. The barefoot female, believed to be Vlk, was given twenty dollars to buy shoes at Wal-Mart and proceeded to leave the church. Vlk has not been seen or heard from since. It is not known whether or not she successfully hitchhiked away from Hilton Head or she met with foul play. Vlk’s DNA profile is stored in the National Missing Persons DNA database.


On 03-05-1987, Paul Baker (3-years-old) was reported missing from his Shell Point residence by his step-mother, Susan Baker. She reported while she was taking a nap, Paul Baker must have walked out of the residence. It was disclosed she was under the influence of alcohol and drugs at the time of his disappearance. Baker’s story was highly suspicious and through investigation it was learned Paul Baker and his 6-year-old sister were physically abused by her on a regular basis. Ultimately, Susan Baker was charged with the assaults on Baker’s 6-year-old sister and convicted. There have been reports on the whereabouts of Paul Baker over the years, but none have revealed his remains. Susan Baker and James Baker, the biological father of Paul Baker, eventually moved to Chipley, Florida, where in 2000 a cold case investigation led to charges on both Susan and James Baker regarding their neglect in the disappearance of Paul Baker. They were extradited to Beaufort County, where the charges were ultimately dismissed. Upon release, they went back to Chipley. In 2009, a 7-month-old infant was abducted and Susan Baker was again named as the suspect. The infant was found alive and well five days later, having been hidden in a box under a bed by Susan Baker. She was charged in connection with the infant’s abduction. She remains the person of interest in the disappearance of Paul Baker. His DNA is stored in the National Missing Persons DNA database.


On 11-29-1986, Kristina Porco (16-years-old) was reported as a runaway juvenile by her mother following a domestic dispute at their Woodlake Villas apartment on Hilton Head Island. Her mother advised she stormed out of the apartment after an argument and was not seen again. A friend reported getting a telephone call from Porco after the argument asking her to meet her at the pool area of the apartment complex. When the friend arrived, she was unable to locate Porco, but did find her Red Sweater draped over a lawn chair in the pool area. Porco left on foot with no money or extra clothing. Her savings account containing a few hundred dollars was never accessed, after the date of her disappearance. Follow up investigation revealed numerous witnesses to strained relationships between Porco and her parents. It was learned shortly after Porco stormed out of the apartment, her father allegedly went driving around for a few hours in an effort to look for her. His actual whereabouts during that timeframe was never established. Kristina Porco’s DNA profile is stored in the National Missing Persons DNA database.

Open Cold Cases: 


On 07-31-2016, at approximately 10:29 pm, Marquis Tyquan Singleton was located on Sam Doyle Drive in his vehicle suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. Singleton later succumbed to his injuries at Beaufort Memorial Hospital. No witnesses to the incident have been identified nor have any suspects been developed through the investigation. A motive for Singleton’s murder remains unclear as he had few known enemies.


On 03-31-2013, Darryl Green (40-years-old) was found shot to death in the roadway in front of 10 Staffwood Lane in Burton at approximately 5:00 pm. Autopsy would later determine he died as result of multiple gunshot wounds. The incident was observed by numerous witnesses, who refused to cooperate in identifying the suspect. It is believed Green was lured to the scene under the guise of a narcotics transaction. Green was a former resident of Beaufort County, but had been living in Georgia at the time he was murdered. He was known to be involved in dealing narcotics.


On 04-10-2012, Octavius Moultrie (23-years-old) was hanging around in the area of 10 Fawnwood Lane in Seabrook at approximately 2:00 pm, when two unknown black male suspects began shooting at him. Moultrie fled and the suspects gave chase, continuing to fire at him. The suspects fled the area in a white SUV and Moultrie was found a short time later in the woods suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. Persons of interest were identified during the investigation, but charges have yet to be made.


On 10-05-2011, Julius Chaplin (44-years-old) was found deceased in his driveway at 172 Fripp Point Road in St. Helena at approximately 10:00 pm. Investigation revealed Chaplin had left the house to go for a walk and shortly after gunshots were heard by witnesses. Chaplin was found to have been shot multiple times by an unknown suspect. A vehicle was heard speeding off after the shots were fired, but no witnesses were able to provide a description. A person of interest has been identified as Joe Washington, who was murdered the following day.


On 05-24-1995, the body of a partially clad woman was discovered in a drainage ditch off of Cotton Hall Road in Yemassee. The findings of forensic autopsy revealed the victim was strangled to death in a different location within 24 hours of the discovery of her body on Cotton Hall Road. Sexual activity close to the time of her death was also established. The cause of death tends to lean toward a personal motive and it is believed the suspect was either a boyfriend or a husband. She was clad only in panties with no jewelry or other personal affects, making it difficult to determine her identity. Investigators saturated the media and local area for clues to her identity, but were unsuccessful. Fingerprints of the victim yielded no match statewide and nationally. Based on her appearance, it was believed she was from Hispanic decent and may have been visiting the United States. Federal authorities and international media outlets have been involved to assist in identifying the victim. Bio-geographical DNA methods were utilized to determine her ancestry to better focus efforts in her identification. It was reported she had similar DNA sequences to those in persons from the Caribbean and South America. This information, her ethnic appearance and the “Leonisa” brand panties only manufactured at the time in Columbia, South America were helpful, but still has not established her identity. If and when she is identified, it should put quick focus on a suspect. It is apparent the suspect ensured her identity would not be easy to establish.


On 4-25-2011, at approximately 11:30 pm Raymundo Lopez (28-years-old) was found deceased in his residence at 595 Seaside Road in St. Helena by his girlfriend. She reported she had spoken with Lopez less than an hour earlier, as she was picking up food for him. Investigation revealed unknown suspects entered the residence and shot Lopez multiple times. Personal items belonging to Lopez were missing and presumed stolen during the incident. Although it is not known whether drugs or money were stolen; Lopez was a known dealer of marijuana and cocaine. This was substantiated through prior law enforcement contacts, witnesses and items associated with dealing drugs found at the crime scene.


On 10-06-2011, Joe Washington (32-years-old) was found deceased in his car, after it hit a utility pole and caught on fire near 88 Folly Road in St. Helena at approximately 11:30 pm. Further investigation revealed Washington died as result of a gunshot wound. It was surmised, Washington had been shot in the roadway and then sped off; at which time he lost control and struck the pole. The fire was believed caused by brush under Washington’s vehicle. A handgun was recovered inside Washington’s vehicle during the crime scene examination. The handgun was compared to the projectiles and casings recovered from Julius Chaplin’s murder, which occurred the night before. The handgun forensically matched one of the two firearms used in the murder of Chaplin. The motive for Washington’s murder is believed to be retaliation for the murder of Chaplin.


On 01-17-2010, Eleanor McLeod (84-years-old) was found deceased in her apartment located in Sandalwood Terrace in Hilton Head. She was wheelchair bound and relied heavily on caregivers and friends to assist her daily. Forensic autopsy revealed McLeod was strangled with a ligature, causing her death. A person of interest was identified and interviewed regarding the murder. No charges were brought as the suspicion fell short of probable cause necessary to make an arrest. A major factor stumbling block was the door to McLeod’s apartment being frequently unlocked and was on the date of her murder; creating the opportunity for anyone to walk in and out, not just the person of interest.


On 04-07-2008, Harry Fripp (19-years-old) was stabbed to death by three suspects behind apartment units at Sandalwood Terrace in Hilton Head. During daylight hours, witnesses observed Fripp running from a white in color Mercedes Benz occupied by three black males. Fripp disappeared behind one of the buildings and the three black males exited the Mercedes and gave chase. Shortly thereafter, the witnesses saw the three males emerge from behind the building where Fripp had run, get back into the Mercedes and flee the area. Witnesses then found Fripp had been stabbed multiple times and summoned Emergency Medical Services. Fripp was transported to the hospital, where he died a short time later as result of the stab wounds. Suspects were identified through investigation and physical evidence links at least one of the three to the crime scene. Based on the type of evidence and lack of other more probative evidence, prosecutors declined to charge the three suspects in the murder of Harry Fripp. Physical evidence is currently being evaluated in this case.


On 11-10-2007, Lee Anderson (36-years-old) was found deceased in his residence located on Peanut Lane in St. Helena. The cause of death was determined to be multiple gunshot wounds. Anderson spoke with his girlfriend and others late morning but was unable to be reached by the early afternoon. He was found later that evening when friends checked on him at his residence. Through the investigation, it was learned Anderson dealt marijuana and other illegal narcotics and items found inside his residence supported this finding. At the time of his death, it was believed Anderson may have been in possession of a large amount of drugs and cash, making robbery a likely motive. Persons of interest were identified and interviewed, although no physical evidence linking them to the crime was uncovered. As with the vast majority of drug related homicides, this investigation revealed questionable witnesses and various rumors leading investigators in many different directions. Physical evidence collected during this investigation is still being evaluated in the hopes improvements in forensic technologies will establish a link between suspects and the crime scene.


On 12-20-2006, Joseph Holmes (68-years-old) was shot and killed by two unidentified gunmen at the Sheldon Convenience Store in Northern Beaufort County shortly after 8:00 pm. An eyewitness to the incident advised two suspects with their faces masked entered the store and indicated it was a hold up. The witness advised he got up and ran to the rear of the store from the table he and Holmes were sitting at. The witness indicated there were several shots fired and the suspects fled the store. When the witness checked on Holmes, it was determined he had been shot. Holmes was transported via ambulance to the Beaufort Memorial Hospital, where he succumbed to a single gunshot wound. No suspects have been identified as of this point in the investigation.


On 08-31-2006, just shy of midnight while driving on Bruce K. Smalls Drive, 31-year-old Philip Moultrie was shot at by unknown suspects, shattering the rear glass. He parked the vehicle and exited, then was shot multiple times according to his passenger. Moultrie later succumbed to his wounds at Beaufort Memorial Hospital. The passenger advised he stayed in the vehicle ducking down, so he was never able to see the suspects. It was rumored Moultrie had a history of being a bully and had enemies in the area. Possible motives include illegal drugs or revenge. Numerous potential suspects were located and interviewed, some eliminated as suspects and some not. None of the information collected has led to probable cause for an arrest in this case.


On 03-08-2003, in the early morning hours, 25-year-old Nathaniel Davis was shot multiple times by unknown suspects, while in his vehicle engaged in the trafficking of crack cocaine on MacPhersonville Road in Yemassee. Crime scene investigation led to the recovery of a large amount of crack cocaine in Davis’s vehicle. An eyewitness, Patricia Cooper, who accompanied Davis in his vehicle, was unable to provide the identities of the suspects. She described the suspects as three black males driving in a green Buick, but it is believed she was withholding information about their identities. Cooper was ultimately charged with the trafficking offense, as she was complicit in the proposed drug deal. It was determined through the investigation; Davis was a high-level and well-known drug dealer and was believed targeted for this reason.


On 10-21-2003, Yu Cheung Tam (63-years-old) was shot to death in a home invasion/robbery at his residence in Shady Oaks Mobile Home Park in Beaufort. Numerous witnesses were in the residence when the incident occurred. It was learned multiple unknown suspects were observed in and around the home and involved in the incident, none of which were effectively identified. Tam, the owner of Shady Oaks Mobile Home Park, apparently had recent disputes with local drug dealers over them selling drugs in the area. These disputes and the robbery are believed the motives in Tam’s murder. It was disclosed during an interview of witnesses; the suspects were heard asking Tam where the money was prior to hearing the gun shot.


On 02-22-2002, Sean Sandlin and Robert Walsh, both 30-year-old, were found shot to death in a storage unit located at Taylor’s Warehouse in Bluffton. Through investigation, it was apparent unknown suspect(s) surprised the two while they were working in their storage unit, shooting them with a high powered long gun. It was believed the overhead door to the storage unit was open upon the suspects approach and then shut after the shooting, probably to delay their discovery. Gunshots were heard by witnesses in the surrounding neighborhood, who reported seeing what appeared to be a Ford King Rancher pickup truck speeding out of the Taylor Warehouse parking lot around the time it is believed Walsh and Sandlin were murdered. The information provided by the various witnesses did not lead to the identification of a suspect or suspects. A search of the storage unit where they were found and rented by Walsh, revealed property stolen from construction sites from as far away as Charleston. It was also discovered, Walsh rented another storage unit at Taylor’s Warehouse and when searched, revealed additional property stolen from construction sites. It is believed that both Walsh and Sandlin were traveling outside Beaufort County and were stealing from home sites under construction, then selling the tools and other stolen items on the black market. In addition, Walsh had been arrested and charged with extortion several months prior to the murders. These discoveries created a difficult task of narrowing a suspect list, as both were high risk victims engaged in inherently dangerous criminal activities.


On 08-03-1994, former Marine David Speigel (38-years-old), who worked as a clerk at the Buckingham Pantry store in Bluffton, was found shot to death behind the counter at approximately 2:00 am. An investigation into the murder revealed Speigel had been cashing personal checks for local illegal narcotics users frequenting the store for a period of time. Unfortunately, the security monitor behind the counter was never activated and the incident was not captured on video. Physical evidence was difficult to identify, due to the high volume of customers in and out of the store. It is believed robbery was a likely motive for the crime, but it just amounted to an attempt as nothing was believed taken. Other possible motives were explored during the investigation. Rumors ranging from gang initiations to personal vendetta surfaced, but were not confirmed or eliminated as possibilities. Several persons of interest were identified through the personal checks cashed at the store during Speigel’s shift, although there was no physical evidence linking them to the murder.


On 07-30-1989, Jennifer Olson (19-years-old) was discovered in the surf on the beach by a jogger in close proximity to the Westin Resort on Hilton Head Island. An Investigation into the incident revealed, Olson died as result of injuries inflicted by unknown suspects sometime in the early morning hours. Specific details of her injuries and cause of death are law enforcement sensitive; although it is suspected a sexual assault occurred just prior to her death. It was determined; Olsen was accompanying her family at an insurance convention at the Westin, where she made numerous acquaintances. One of the persons she was last seen speaking with near the pool area of the Westin around 3:00 am was convicted of savagely murdering his girlfriend a few years later in another state. He remains a person of interest in this investigation and has been interviewed multiple times, denying any involvement. He is currently serving a life sentence and as of yet no physical evidence has linked him to Olson’s murder. Evidence is evaluated routinely in the hopes advances in forensic science may assist in furthering the investigation.


On 11-01-1987, Shortly after 8 pm, 34-year-old Margit Schuller was found shot to death in the laundry room at Palmetto Apartments on Harding Street in Beaufort. During the investigation, biological fluid belonging to the unknown subject was found. Investigators were provided names of possible persons of interest, but were unable to eliminate or identify any of them in the crime, as forensic sciences available in 1987 were limited. In the years following Margit Schuller’s murder, forensic DNA analysis was implemented at federal and state laboratories. In 1999, the biological fluid recovered in this investigation was subjected to DNA analysis and a DNA profile of an unknown male subject was developed. The DNA profile was uploaded to the Combined DNA Index System, but has yet to match its database containing known criminal offenders. In addition, none of the DNA profiles of the original possible persons of interest matched the DNA profile developed from the biological fluid of the unknown male subject.


On 02-22-1986, Sarah Grace Glisson (88-years-old) was found murdered in her Bluffton residence in close proximity to where Rose Hill Plantation stands today. During the investigation it was learned Glisson, legally blind, lived alone and was routinely checked on by friends. When no one had heard from Glisson, deputies were dispatched to check on her. Her residence was found in disarray and she was found tied up and deceased. Glisson, in frail health, died of suffocation as result of the location of the restraints on her body. Examination of forensic evidence did not identify any suspects, as technology at the time was limited. Evidence collected from the scene is currently being evaluated for additional forensic examination.


On 10-16-1981, security officer George Davie (56-years-old) was shot and killed while standing post at the Port Royal Plantation Security Gate at approximately 1:00 am. The unknown suspects then took Davie’s handgun and fled the scene, presumably in a vehicle. No suspects were ever identified. By all accounts, Davie’s was vigilant in his duties and it is believed he may have confronted suspects bringing illegal narcotics into Port Royal Plantation. This theory has not been proven. Davie’s handgun has yet to be recovered.


On 02-04-1977, James Homer Aldridge (39-years-old) was discovered deceased in his vehicle off of Highway 170 in Bluffton. Initially it was believed he died of injuries sustained in a single car accident since his pick-up truck crashed into a tree off of the roadway but further examination revealed he had been shot prior to striking the tree. During the ensuing investigation, it was learned Aldridge traveled frequently to Jacksonville, Florida from Beaufort for work and may have picked up hitchhikers in his travels. It was established the fatal gunshot wounds originated from the passenger side of the pick-up truck. No suspects have been identified.


On 02-04-1975, Dorothy Kay Olbert (50-years-old) was reported missing by her husband around midnight after she failed to return to their Hilton Head Island residence from a church meeting. At approximately 12:45 am on 02-05-1975, she was discovered deceased lying outside her vehicle near the back gate of Shipyard Plantation. Forensic autopsy revealed she died as a result of blunt force trauma to the head. Numerous interviews were conducted, as well as forensic examination of evidence collected at the scene but no suspects have been identified. The motive for her murder was not apparent, as she had no known enemies. The limited technology available in 1975, failed to forensically link anyone to the crime.


On 06-24-1972, Michael Steven Akey (14-years-old) was reportedly abducted by an unknown white male subject driving a 1962-63 four-door Chevrolet near a watermelon patch at Trammell’s Market (In 1972, Trammell’s Market was located in the area of Joe Frazier Road and Godwin Road) in Burton. At the time of the abduction, he was in the company of two juvenile friends and all three were hitching and caught a ride with the subject. While two were stealing watermelons, the subject drove off with Akey in the vehicle. Akey was not seen alive again. The juvenile witnesses were unable to provide the identity of the subject. On 02-08-1978, workers discovered skeletal remains while clearing land near Whitehall Plantation on Lady’s Island. The remains were examined by a forensic pathologist and anthropologist and using existing available technology, it was believed the remains were those of Michael Akey and he was interred in Beaufort National Cemetery. On 08-24-2005, the remains were exhumed for mitochondrial DNA analysis to firmly establish the remains were in fact Akey. The FBI Laboratory in Quantico, Virginia performed the analysis and concluded the remains were of Michael Akey. The Unknown Subject has yet to be identified.