Victim's Advocacy Program


What are your rights as a victim of a crime?

  • Right to be treated with dignity and compassion.
  • Right to be protected from intimidation and harm.
  • Right to be informed concerning the criminal justice process.
  • Right to restitution and compensation.
  • Right to preservation of property and employment.
  • Right to due process in criminal court proceedings.
  • Right to special recognition and attention to the very young, elderly, who are handicapped or who have special needs. By all criminal justice, medical, and social service agencies.
  • Right to be notified of an offender's arrest of detention.
  • Right to be informed when an offender is released, escapes, or transferred.
  • Right to attend a bond hearing and make recommendations.
  • Right to attend court proceedings.
  • Right to be informed of court room procedures.
  • Right to have personal property taken recovered of returned expeditiously.
  • Right to be informed of the status and progress of the case.