There are certain times throughout the year when events occur whereby law enforcement is requested to be available. 

We've had parades, concerts, golf tournaments, etc. At such times, businesses and/or organizations may enter into an agreement with BCSO to provide services. 

If you know absolutely you want to requests services from BCSO, you may click here for a copy of the Agreement to submit. 

However, if you are planning an event and are interested in these services, please fill out the below form and submit it online for a representative to contact you about obtaining additional details, information or answer any questions. 

Technical Support: Due to technical difficulties in some versions of Internet Explorer and Adobe, the Contract form may experience errors when attempting to electronically submit. However, if you save the blank pdf document locally to your computer and then open it directly in Adobe Reader, the submit button should work correctly upon completion of the document. If you still experience difficulties, you will need to print the Contract, then mail/fax them to BCSO to the addresses listed above. Thank you.