Instructions for Installing Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and Creating a Digital ID

If you are submitting your application via Email, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader DC installed on your computer. If you do not have this version of Adobe Reader you can download and install a free copy. After downloading and installing Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, you will need to create a Digital ID to electronically sign your Employment Application before emailing the document to BCSO. Instructions for Creating a Digital ID can be found below. After you complete the Employment Application and Digitally Sign the application, email it to Captain Glen Zanelotti ( If you cannot download and install this software product, you will have to print your Employment Application, physically sign it, and either mail or hand-deliver the document(s) to BCSO.

  • Go to:  to get Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
  • Click the button “Install Now”
  • Follow the prompts to install the program on your computer
  • After installation is complete, open the Employment Application using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and completely fill out the Application, EXCEPT for the Signature block on page 5.
  • Once the Employment Application has been completed, go to the Signature block on page 5.
  • When you try to type in that block a window will pop up which will prompt you through several steps:
Digital ID Configuration Required
  • Click on the button “Configure Digital ID


Create a New Digital ID
  • If you have never created a Digital ID before, then select “Create a New Digital ID


  • Then select “Continue

Save to File

  • Select “Save to File


  • Then click “Continue

Create Digital ID

  • Fill in the required blocks for your Name* and Email

    (*Type your Name as it should appear on the signature line.)


  • Then click “Continue


  • The first block may already contain a location on your computer to store this file. You can use this default location or you can choose a different location on your own.


  • The next two blocks are for you to create a Password for using your Digital ID. By having a Password, your Digital ID will be protected from unauthorized use.


  • Then click “Save


Sign with Digital ID

  • Click “Continue


  • A new window will then display your Digital Signature.
  • Enter your password in the required field.
  • Then click “Sign”.
  • A “Save As” window will then pop up for you to save this document to a file on your computer.

Your Employment Application is now completed, signed and saved to a file on your computer.

You can now attach this document to an email and submit your Employment Application to BCSO by emailing it to Capt. Glen Zanelotti ( ).