Communications FOIA Requests


copies can also be obtained by online electronic submission by following these steps: 

Upon receipt of your request, we will send confirmation of receipt along with notification of the total fee charged for the requested copy(s).


Copies of incident reports filed with the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office can be obtained for a fee in accordance with Beaufort County Ordinance Sec. 2-435 (See excerpt below):

Sec.2-435 Copies of Official Records

(a) Service Charges.     The following uniform services charges are established for the provision of supplying copies of official records requested by private organizations and individual citizens; county departments, other public and governmental agencies are excluded from paying these fees: 

(1) Simple Copy of a Record

1. First Page . . . $1.00

2. each additional page . . . $0.25

The entire ordinance code for Section 2-435 can be viewed at: .

If documentation of a law enforcement incident includes audio or video recordings, a copy of these may be provided via a CD/DVD which would incur a fee of $2.50/each. 


Payment must be mailed (MONEY ORDERS and CERTIFIED CHECKS ONLY) along with a copy of the confirmation and a self-addressed stamped envelope to: 

Beaufort County Sheriff's Office
P. O. Box 1758 
Beaufort, SC 29901

The requested copy(s) will be forwarded upon receipt of payment.