Michael Steven Akey (1972)

On 06-24-1972, Michael Steven Akey (14-years-old) was reportedly abducted by an unknown white male subject driving a 1962-63 four-door Chevrolet near a watermelon patch at Trammellís Market (In 1972, Trammellís Market was located in the area of Joe Frazier Road and Godwin Road) in Burton. At the time of the abduction, he was in the company of two juvenile friends and all three were hitching and caught a ride with the subject. While two were stealing watermelons, the subject drove off with Akey in the vehicle. Akey was not seen alive again. The juvenile witnesses were unable to provide the identity of the subject.

On 02-08-1978, workers discovered skeletal remains while clearing land near Whitehall Plantation on Ladyís Island. The remains were examined by a forensic pathologist and anthropologist and using existing available technology, it was believed the remains were those of Michael Akey and he was interred in Beaufort National Cemetery.

On 08-24-2005, the remains were exhumed for mitochondrial DNA analysis to firmly establish the remains were in fact Akey. The FBI Laboratory in Quantico, Virginia performed the analysis and concluded the remains were of Michael Akey.

The Unknown Subject has yet to be identified.