Elshawndrae Jones and Toby Bing

Missing since 1999.

Elshawndrae Jones and Toby Bing

On 02-18-1999, Elshawndrae Devon Jones (22-years-old) and Toby Bing (18-years-old) were reported missing, after reportedly leaving the residence of a relative together to meet with unknown subjects in Bluffton. Investigation revealed Jones was involved in Narcotics dealing and may have been engaged in a transaction at the time of their disappearance. The subject who called Jones to meet in Bluffton was identified as Sean Sullivan.

It was established there was a crime scene on the front porch of Sullivan’s Hyon Road residence. An area with large amount of dried blood was discovered under the porch and the siding of the mobile home and front porch showed recent cleaning with a bleach type substance. The vehicle driven by Jones and Bing was discovered abandoned in Savannah, although video was not of quality to effectively identify the driver.

DNA analysis of the blood discovered beneath Sullivan’s front porch matched Toby Bing. Charges were brought against Sullivan for the murder of Bing, but were dismissed in the interest of federal indictments and prosecution. It is believed and as evidenced by testimony in federal court, Sullivan and his associate, Kenneth Campbell, lured Jones and Bing to Sullivan’s remote Hyon Road residence in Bluffton on February 18th. It is believed Jones and Bing were murdered at the residence and their bodies disposed of.

Jones' DNA was not discovered at Sullivan’s residence, but it is believed he met the same fate.

Sullivan and Campbell are currently serving heavy sentences in federal prison on narcotics related offenses.




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