Elizabeth and John Calvert

Missing since 2008.

Elizabeth and John Calvert

On 03-04-2008, David White, brother of Elizabeth Calvert, reported that she and John Calvert had not been heard from since March 3rd. It was learned, the Calvert’s were scheduled to have a meeting with their accountant (Dennis Gerwing) the previous day in Sea Pines Center on Hilton Head Island. Witnesses revealed Elizabeth Calvert suspected Gerwing had been embezzling money from the couple’s business interests and she and John Calvert were going to confront him.

Gerwing was interviewed and confirmed the Calvert’s had met with him on March 3rd at approximately 5:30 pm. He further advised when the meeting was over the Calvert’s left to go to dinner. Gerwing reported no hostility during the meeting. A closer look at Gerwing’s story revealed major inconsistencies and substantiated suspicion of his involvement in the disappearance of the Calvert’s. On the night the Calvert’s disappeared, Gerwing suffered a laceration to his right hand, bought bandages and latex gloves at CVS and purchased three commercial grade (9’x12’) drop cloths.

Dennis Gerwing committed suicide on March 11th and admitted to the embezzlement in a note he left. There was no admission or denial of his involvement in the disappearance of the Calvert’s in his note.

There are still no signs of Elizabeth and John Calvert.

WXIA News Atlanta - Video Case Update Footage 


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