Lieutenant Chris Sankowski

Administrative - Special Operations Branch

Lieutenant Chris Sankowski

Lieutenant Chris Sankowski

Lieutenant Chris Sankowski was born and raised in Neptune, New Jersey. After graduating from High School, he moved to Beaufort, South Carolina. Sankowski applied and was hired with the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office in August 1990. He attended the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy in early 1991, graduating in April of 1991.

Upon completion of the academy, Sankowski was assigned to the Sheriff's Office Southern Enforcement Patrol on Hilton Head Island. A majority of the early part of his career was serving the Citizens of Southern Beaufort County. In 1993, he was promoted to the Investigative Section of Southern Beaufort County, where a majority of the cases he worked involved Juvenile Crime and Crimes against young children. After several years of working these crimes, in 1999 he was assigned to work Major Crimes in both Northern and Southern Beaufort County. This assignment entailed working current serious crimes, as well as cold cases from previous years that had occurred in the county.

In the later part of 1999, Sankowski was promoted to the Investigative Staff Sergeant responsible for supervising the Southern Investigative Section.

In 2001, Sankowski was promoted to Master Sergeant in the Southern Patrol Enforcement of the Sheriff's Office. This position was responsible for supervising all Investigators and Patrol Units in Southern Beaufort County.

In 2004, Sankowski was assigned to supervise the Beaufort/Jasper Multi Agency Drug Task Force. His job responsibilities were to oversee all drug investigations and arrests of individuals who are involved in the illegal drug trade. He handled all civil drug seizures for Beaufort County.

In 2013, Sankowski was promoted to Lieutenant in the Criminal Investigations Branch. His current responsibilities are to oversee the Southern Criminal Investigations, as well as the Drug Investigations Section. 


  • South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy
  • D.A.R.E. Instructor
  • Basic Detective
  • Juvenile Procedures
  • Homicide Investigator
  • Blue Lightning Certification
  • Deputized U.S. Marshal
  • Drug Commanders Training
  • Certified Clandestine Lab Investigator